canvas and rope

Using home sourced oak and hazel each of the wooden components (162 in a 16ft Yurt) are crafted from the greenwood, seasoned in the workshop and then finished with linseed oil.

They slot together in a way that never ceases to please and with surprising ease. It takes maybe 15 minutes to form the wall frames and doorway on site, another half an hour to raise the roofpoles and set the crown wheel and finally 15 minutes or so to add canvas walling and roof.

An hour, maybe a little more to erect a building so substantial it requires no guyropes except in very exposed conditions and quite magical to occupy.

Without exception and often despite themselves, we have never shown a prospective owner or hirer of a yurt without them being charmed by the atmosphere and surprised at the clear space - remember, there are no tent poles in the conventional sense, no central support and no, the chimney doesn't have to go up through the middle either - due to modern materials, that can safely exit the roof off to one side.
The Yurt
Phone: 01603 270454 or to buy/hire a yurt email: For Cotenham Barn Accommodation email:
This is Phil Wakley - he makes Yurts.

He makes them to order,
after listening very carefully to
the customer's expectations
and particular requirements.

It's personal.
At Broadland Yurts, we design and manufacture high quality contemporary Yurts for sale and hire across the UK.
If you would like to speak to Phil to discuss the options available, please contact him on 01603 270040
or e-mail to:
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